World Water Day

World Water Day held on 22 March is the Day that celebrates the Value of Water.

This Day has a particular importance for Us like Genius Watter since “Valuing Water” is exactly what we do in our everyday work; It’s important for Us like Planet and Human Being because water is life and is now under threat.


Valuing Water


It’s the title of the Digital Talk realized to celebrate the Date, promoted by Earth Day Italia, during which the water issue was addressed from several perspectives: by a regulatory point of view, thanks to the patronage and contribution to the debate of the Mite (Ministry of Ecological Transition) but also technological and from international cooperation perspective.

Talking about water, and about the value that it has for Millions of people around the Globe, we talk about the SDGs identified by UN like sustainable development indicators for the 2030’s Agenda. 

Despite the 17 SDGs are interlinked each other’s, the Goal number 6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, plays a crucial role for us and the efforts we are doing are aimed to contribute to its achievement.

Dario Traverso, CEO and Co-founder of Genius Watter contributed to the debate talking about the importance of this Goal and underlining the serious situation of necessity that afflicts almost 2.2 billion people in the World and which mainly characterizes Sub-Saharan African countries. He called to act, moved by a sense of Responsibility.

How do we accelerate action?


In the “Summary Progress Update 2021: SDG 6 — Water and Sanitation for All” (March 21) by the United Nations, 5 key drivers are highlighted.

What follow is an extract from the UN report.

The SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework, launched in 2020, aims to deliver fast results at an increased scale. The United Nations system and its multi-stakeholder partners, driven by country demand and coordinating through UN-Water, will unify the international community’s support to countries for SDG 6. Action will be driven by five accelerators:


  • OPTIMIZED FINANCING – Improved targeting, better utilization of existing resources and mobilization of additional domestic and international funding will lead to efficient service delivery and implementation. 

Success looks like: Costed plans related to delivery of SDG 6 are fully funded.

  • IMPROVED DATA AND INFORMATION – Data generation, validation, standardization and information exchange will build trust so leaders can make informed decisions and increase accountability. 

Success looks like: High-quality information on SDG 6 indicators is shared and easily accessible by any decision maker.

  • CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT – Inclusive human and institutional capacities at all levels will enable improved service levels, operating and maintenance technology, increased job creation in the water sector and the retaining of a skilled work force. 

Success looks like: Skilled staff enhance sustainable implementation of SDG 6.

  • INNOVATION – Innovative practices and technologies will be leveraged and scaled up and ultimately lead to improved water resources and sanitation development and management. 

Success looks like: Innovative practices and technologies for water and sanitation are leveraged at the country level.

  • GOVERNANCE – Cross-sector and transboundary collaboration, clear roles, stakeholder involvement and effective and inclusive institutions will make SDG 6 everyone’s business. 

Success looks like: Efficient mandates for SDG 6 delivery in all sectors are established, institutions are strengthened to deliver and intersectoral coordination mechanisms operate effectively.

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