Clean Water for All powered by Genius Watter

Clean water for All powered by Genius Watter


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We are still not meeting the 6th Goal of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. SDG 6 seeks to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

In 2020, safe drinking water was still inaccessible to billions of people. Water usage patterns need to change, and further improvement is highly needed on several different aspects of sustainable water resource management. Affordable and sustainable technology solutions for water treatment occupy a constructive role in ending water poverty.

Access to safely managed drinking water

The water issue is very often linked to the problem of accessibility, availability and quality of drinking water.
In 2020, 74% of the world’s population used a safely managed drinking water service. What is a safely managed drinking water service? According to the UN, a safely managed service is an improved drinking water source that meets the following requirements:


  • Accessibility on the premises
  • Availability when needed
  • Good quality, which is given by the absence of faecal and priority chemical contamination in the water source.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the region worst performing in terms of access to safe drinking water.

Indeed, in 2020, only 30% of its population had access to a safely managed drinking water service, while 23% collected drinking water from unprotected springs, unprotected dug wells or even directly from surface water, like canals, ponds or lakes. At the global level, this percentage drops at a value of 7%.

Uneven impact on rural and poor

Those living in rural areas have been encountering more difficulties in having access to an improved drinking water source which is safe and available when needed on the premises. Globally, only 60% of the rural population has access to safely managed drinking water services. This is not the case for urban areas, where the percentage rises to 86%.

Not to mention the fact that rural countries tend to have low GDP per capita rates. Indeed, according to the UN, nearly half of those lacking access to safe drinking water lived in least developed countries in 2020.

The water issue does not only consist in a lack of adequate sustainable solutions for water treatment but also in the lack of financing of water supply projects.

National programs for sustainable water resource management are therefore highly needed in those countries experiencing the water issue, as well as affordable financing solutions for water projects by private companies.

How to solve the water crisis?

Water treatment and supply technologies should be delivered to local communities in need with economically affordable solutions. For example, Water-as-a-Service agreements do not require any initial investment for the water supply plant by the client, who can enjoy clean water by paying a small monthly fee.

The affordability of the water technology solution is as important as its sustainability.

Renewable-powered water treatment technologies, like solar-powered desalination, supply clean water without harming the environment. Also, they allow considerable energy bill savings.

Genius Watter contribution

Genius Watter solar desalination solution for affordable clean water supply contributes to solving the problems of the availability, quality and accessibility of drinking water.


Thanks to our solar-powered reverse osmosis technology, we can desalinate and purify any kind of water (contaminated, brackish or saline) even at low irradiation levels.


Water is pre-treated, desalinated, purified thanks to the chlorination process and re-mineralized for organoleptic purposes. Furthermore, accurate water analyses are carried out to ensure that drinking water meet WHO standards.


Drinking water can be safely stored in water tanks so that it is available even at nighttime.

Clean Water in Cape Verde

In Varandinha, Cape Verde, Genius RO, our technology for solar reverse osmosis desalination, has proven to be successful. The local farmer community is provided every day with clean water for both domestic and agricultural purposes at a very affordable price.

Since the plant installation at the end of 2020, the standard of living of the community has significantly improved as well as the local agricultural production in terms of quality and quantity, which has given new life to the local economy.

Genius Watter commitment towards SDG6

We have been collaborating with intergovernmental organizations in order to help communities gain access to affordable safe drinking water that is available 24/7 near their homes.

Day by day, Genius Watter is engaged in securing clean water for any need with affordable and sustainable solutions. This is how we contribute to achieving SDG6.


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