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International Guidelines

According to G20 Rome guidelines for the future of tourism:

“There are signs of an increasing visitor awareness and demand for more sustainable experiences”.

Genius Watter supports this transition to sustainable tourism, helping hotels in their process of transformation into low-impact, nature-based resorts.

Nature-based tourism:
a bright future for Africa.

Tourism has been growing faster in emerging and developing regions than in the rest of the World, especially in countries proactively supporting tourism, according to the UN’s World Tourism Organization.

Africa is at the forefront of this trend, with the role and value of nature-based tourism likely to increase even more than the global average because of the scarcity of its rare wildlife and natural assets.

The green transition leading to Ecotourism can be achieved with the sustainable management of primary resources, which is important for the survival of natural landscapes of tourism destinations and the resilience of the tourism sector.

Sustainable resource management is extremely urgent in water-stressed areas, where the main problems are related to water and energy supply.

Main Problems

For hotel managers in water-stressed areas

  • High costs of water and energy supply
  • Considerable additional costs of domestic hot water (DHW) 
  • Low water quality
  • Use of non-renewable resources (Diesel generator)
  • Complex installation process of water and energy supply plants (multiple partners)
  • Lack of long-term assistance

Our Solution

Solar-powered solutions for affordable water and energy supply

  • Drastic reduction of operating costs (up to 85%)
  • Constant DHW availability
  • High-quality drinking water
  • Zero-emission solutions
  • Only 1 reference partner for plant construction (DHW, Desalination, PV system)
  • Long-term assistance: on-site and remote monitoring and maintenance for a long time

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