We are looking for mini-grid operators as co-development partners to apply our solar water purification technology for innovative business models

Productive use of energy 

Mini-grids are well-suited for closing the energy gap in remote areas underserved by grid infrastructures; however, their developers know very well that achieving a sustainable business model is still a challenge. The issue is constantly under research and the sector is investing considerable energies to explore new possibilities. Genius Watter proposes a solution to achieve this ambitious goal. 

Productive use of energy could play a key role in enabling mini grid business models to reach their financial sustainability.  

Water Food Energy Nexus: the key for sustainable mini – grids 

Water is at the core of sustainable development and fundamental to guarantee the growth of rural economies.  

When water and energy reach rural communities at the same time their impact on economic development is proven to be exponential: a real opportunity for mini-grid operators.  

In rural micro-grid’s projects, the union of good water pumping and treatment assets could make the difference in terms of financial sustainability as well as social impact. 

We propose to mini-grid developers to work hands in hands for a comprehensive solution to reach their goals: 

  • Affordable water resource assessment and feasibility study through our patented technology  
  • Water pumping and distribution system  
  • Choice of the right technology and system dimensioning  
  • Supplying and installation of our patented water purification and/or desalination system 
  • System’s operation and maintenance 

Once our systems are installed the mini-grid operator will be then able to: 

  • Sell the water as a service just like electricity or any other service 
  • Sell the water to a unique customer either a public or a private one 
  • Sell the energy to a third-party local water operator that acts as an anchor load 

In each of the above cases the mini-grid business model as well as the local communities will significantly benefit. 

We are very much willing to evaluate together different scenarios of cooperation.  

Why Genius Watter is the right partner? 

  • 40 years’ experience in solar energy 
  • Plug and play and reliable technology for water desalination and purification. 
  • Super-efficient, no battery technology made in Italy   
  • First in class customer service 
  • Strong company part of a consistent group 

Together we can develop relevant and high impact projects.

Get in contact with us, to define together the best win-win solution.

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