Hydroponic Farming

Solar Water for Hydroponic Farming in Boa Vista – Cape Verde

Project objective  

The objective is to contribute to the development of agriculture on the Island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde, mainly affected by frequent droughts that often exacerbate an ongoing water shortage and soil contamination. 

The project is in line with The National Strategic Plan of the Government of Cape Verde, powered by FAO, which aims to provide strategic guidance to secure anyone’s right to clean water and promote the development of Cape Verde through the integrated improvement of water supply, sanitation and hygiene conditions, while sustainably exploiting natural resources and safeguarding the environment. 

Project and results description:  

  • Current Status: agriculture has been affected by an increasing phenomenon of soil contamination and reduction of crop productivity due to an increase in water salinity and water shortages. 
  • Project Outcome: a solar photovoltaic plant and an energy management system that enables 25 pumps and a desalination unit to operate guaranteeing clean water supply for a hydroponic cultivation of 3500 square meters. 

The project includes several interventions aimed at managing water through better use of energy:  

        1. An off-grid solar photovoltaic system with a peak power of 19.8 kWp; a further integration is expected to reach 30 kWp. 

        2. Application of software and hardware components (PLC) for optimized system management to control 25 existing pumps (divided into 4 areas which require 3 kW each) and a brackish water reverse osmosis unit

        3. Net reduction of diesel generator usage, which is programmed to be activated automatically only in case of need, as a backup source of energy.

The energy provided by the solar photovoltaic plant allows the pumping system and the desalination unit to operate according to the variable irradiation level, avoiding fossil fuel consumption from the diesel generator during the daytime. 

In this way, the energy costs are reduced by 90 % (the remaining costs are minimal due to the diesel generator operating only in case of prolonged bad weather conditions). Furthermore, a 48-kWh storage battery bank that allows the powering of all loads 24/7 was installed to meet the constant hydroponic needs. 

Hydroponic Farming 

The entire system covers the daily energy and water requirement for the hydroponic farm. 

The project will make it possible to grow several kinds of vegetables, such as salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, coriander and parsley, for a total of 6000 plants. 

The hydroponic process is completely managed and controlled. Therefore, it is water efficient and nutrient efficient, delivering what is needed directly to the plant’s roots. 

Furthermore, hydroponic farmers will be able to cultivate the land more efficiently and to increase crop quality and productivity while reducing the use of chemical additives thanks to the fertigation technique. 

Ecological Impact

Our PV plant and optimized energy system will save 25 tons of CO2 emissions per year compared to the same system powered by a diesel generator. 

Genius Watter

Technology embedded in a 360° sustainable mission. 

Genius Watter’s mission is to provide access to clean and drinking water only through the sun. It is committed to making water available with the most sustainable and affordable solutions, wherever needed. 

Thanks to his 40-year experience, Franco Traverso, a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry, has founded Genius Watter with his son, Dario, CEO of the Company.   

Genius Watter has developed a unique and innovative 100% solar-powered system able to desalinate and purify any kind of water and make it available for any need, operating autonomously in remote and rural environments, for over 30+ years. 

Genius Watter’s Solar Desalination and Purification technology can deliver clean and drinking water to Communities, Farms, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Small Industries in any remote area of the world.  

The engagement of local communities is a fundamental part of Genius Watter’s sustainability mission. Each project is based on co-operation with local people, creating a positive ethical, economic and social impact. 

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