Genius Watter’s Full Solar Water Package has made it possible for King Fisher Village to offer and use water and energy obtained sustainably, reducing operating costs by 85% and significantly improving the quality of the water supplied.

Our zero-emission solar desalination plant has further reduced the resort’s environmental impact because the high-quality remineralized water provided directly to the clients significantly reduces the need for plastic bottled water.

Genius Watter has been the only reference partner for creating the new energy and water efficiency systems of King Fisher Village.

Three main project steps

Photovoltaic system
  • A 72-kWp PV plant with planned extension up to 130 kWp

  • Output: 100% of the energy for the desalination and 80% of the electricity needs of the resort.

Seawater desalination:
  • A solar-powered reverse osmosis plant

  • Output: 30,000 litres of clean water daily, of which 1,000 litres are remineralized for high-quality drinking and channelled to the main distribution points via new piping.

Water heating:
  • 2 insulated boilers of 2,000 litres each where water is heated by photovoltaic energy

  • Output: hot water is stored in the boilers and made available anytime.

Curious about potential cost savings and CO2 emission reductions?

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